Success/Failure Layers Don't Open

Sep 03, 2019

I am working on a graded quiz in Storyline and am facing two problems. 

  1. The Submit button on slide 1.4 and the Submit on the result slide have to be clicked twice to advance. Has anybody had this problem before?
  2. A success/failure layer is supposed to open with the timeline of the result slide. Neither is opening. I am attaching the quiz if anybody would like to help me solve the puzzle.


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Vincent Scoma

Hey Margit,

Thank you for reaching out and for providing your file! 

I reviewed your course and found what seemed to be causing the problems you were seeing. I can go ahead and list them below: 

  1. When I was taking the quiz, I noticed that I would have to click the submit button twice if I got the answer wrong. Since there is no Try Again layer, the page would appear static until I submitted my second attempt. I checked the design for the questions and found that most of the questions allowed the learner to attempt the question twice. I changed this to one attempt and that seemed to do the trick. 
  2. I reviewed your results layer and everything looked to be in place! The problem here seemed to be the variables. I swapped the two variables and now when a learner completes the quiz, the results slide shows the appropriate layer. 

I made this Peek 360 video to outline the changes that were made: Changes to Quiz Video

I am also attaching an updated file to my comment that includes the changes made.

Please let me know if you have any questions on this!