SuccessFactors AICC Bookmarking Not Working on Mobile

I am a storyline developer and have a client who uses SuccessFactors as their LMS. They can only use AICC, SCORM or TinCan are not options at this time. When uploading the AICC file to their LMS and accessing it on mobile they are finding the bookmarking isn't working or remembering where they left off, although it is working on PC.

It did work previously, but we found that was because they were launching as story.html vs index_lms.html (at the time they weren't tracking completion) so cookies were being used to track where they left off. When launching as index_lms.html it is not working.

We tried using a relay file and putting the content url in the file and that was not successful.

Other factors: they use a VPN and it is a huge course.

Has anyone else has this problem? Is it SuccessFactors specific? Is there a solution?

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Candace Groff

Yes I did test multiple publishes on Scormcloud and they worked fine on our iPad. They are hosting the content on the LMS but have some secure network settings that may be affecting it as well. I’ve heard the terms CDN and VPN. That’s outside of my tech knowledge though. Have networks been an issue before?

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Candace, 

Looks like your email signature came through when you replied via email! No worries, this Peek video will show you how to remove it. 

Hosting within a CDN or VPN is also a bit outside my area as it's not something we see often, nor have a lot of support for. Since it's working in SCORM Cloud - that's a good indication to push back to SuccessFactors. Do they have an admin or support you can work with?