SuccessFactors LMS and Articulate content

This is so bizarre, I’ve got to be doing something wrong.  I seem to have the exact opposite problem of many Community posts.  

Since implementing Articulate 360-developed courses (specifically Storyline and Rise) in the SuccessFactors LMS, AND the Learning Item (LI) has multiple (well, I’ve only tested two) Content Objects, AND, one of the CO is developed in Articulate 360, if one of the CO is complete, the entire LI is marked complete. 

There are SAP KB on this issue, but I’ve not found a situation which matches mine.  I have opened a ticket with SAP.

This was not an issue when we had Flash-developed courses.  And, until a couple of days ago, the LI we had for Storyline courses only had one CO. 

This all began where on a whim, I wanted a quick example for a user and I created a short Rise as well as a short Storyline course, attempting to put them in a single LI.  I noted the problem and started testing.

I landed on that if one of the CO in the LI was created in Articulate, if one of the CO is completed, the entire LI is complete.  Completion order does not matter.  I’ve had the ‘other’ content type be a PDF or a Flash-developed course. 

An LI with a Flash and PDF do not have the problem.

I have used Storyline 360 and Rise 360 I created last week, as well as Storyline 3 Content Objects created 1-2 years ago.  Doesn't matter.  So, not a 'new' created issue, just newly discovered.

·         A Flash, Rise, or Storyline course CO will be marked ‘Record Learning event when content passed’

·         A PDF will be ‘Mark this object complete when launched’.

·         On the Learning Item, I do not Force Order.

·         The Learning Item Settings are

o   Content is available for launch

o   ‘Record Learning event when content passed’ is checked

o   Completion status is 22-Complete For Credit (which I think is our values…. Been that way long before I got here.)

o   Failure Status 47 – Incomplete-Not for Credit (ditto)

o   No Failure action

·         When publishing Rise/Storyline I select SCORM 1.2 and Completed/Incomplete for ‘Report status to LMS as:’. 

o   The CO have SCORM1.2 checked.

·         The problem is noted in Internet Explorer and Chrome, but I test primarily in IE and clear my cache between tests.

It is not new to us to have multiple Content Objects in a Learning Item.  What is new is having Articulate content.  As far as I can tell, the variable condition to note the problem is to have a Rise or Storyline course.  We’ve had Storyline 3 about three years, and have recently purchased several Articulate 360 Team licenses, so there are more content developers, though I am the single point of contact for uploading courses to iContent.  We were a Plateau customer, so a long-time user of this LMS.  We’re in the cloud, no longer on-premise.

1.       Can anyone else duplicate this issue?

2.       Any ideas of what else to check or do differently, either on the Articulate or LMS side?  This is probably 99% chance user error, so don’t be shy!  

Thanks......... Judy

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Judy! 

When you run into reporting problems in your LMS, it's helpful to test the Storyline content in a different LMS environment. This will help you narrow down whether the problem lies in Storyline, or in your LMS.

SCORM Cloud is the perfect tool for the job – it's industry standard, and it's free! If you want some help with that testing, you can share your file and the details here, and we'll do the rest. When we're done testing, we'll delete the file from our system.

Judith Peterson

hi Alyssa, Free?!  I did not realize that.  One of my favorite prices.

SAP is now recommending, do it this way, 'B'.  Well, we've been doing it the 'A' way, with no issues, until we starting having Articulate content.  I have asked why we don't have a problem when we do 'A' with non-articulate content.  I've been waiting over a day for that response.

I don't think the problem is with the Articulate content, but can see how additional information from the SCORM Cloud testing would give us additional information.

Thanks for reminding me of an additional Articulate resource,  I'll check it out.  You guys rock!  Judy

Judith Peterson

The final resolution is documented in SAP KB 2657363.  I'm not clear on which product version this recommendation went into effect, but we've been doing it 'wrong' for 20 years!

The situation still exists in that I can 'get by' with a single Flash content object and incorrect settings, but once an Articulate-developed product enters the mix, then the 'rules' as documented are enforced.