Successfully using a mac

Jul 12, 2020

Has anybody successfully used a mac with Articulate 360?

I have always used a second (Windows) machine on my desk for it, which needs replacing & I'd like to get a new MacBook Pro.

What Ram/storage/ speed do I need to successfully run Articulate 360 on a VM?

I see a lot of problems in the discussions. Just want to find someone who hasn't had major problems with it (and find out what they use and how they have it configured) before I buy anything.

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David Anderson

Hi Phoebe - 

I've run Storyline and Studio exclusively on a MacBook Pro for the past five years. This includes all development, screencasting, and training workshops and webinars. I don't even have a working Windows machine anymore.

I know users in the community who run Parallels on MacBook Airs without any issues. Personally, because the drive space and memory is so limited, I would recommend a MBP with any of the i7 or i9 processors. The new models offer up to 32 mb of memory and it makes a huge difference.

But I had the previous models w/ 16mb and it still worked great.

I have an older article w/ video tutorials on how to set up Parallels and Windows on a Mac: The process is exactly the same for current versions.

Articulate supports Parallels and VMware so you can contact us if you get stuck or have questions. We have a good support page here with some recommended settings and options:

I have no complaints about working exclusively on my MBP.

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