Sudden "bug" in Storyline will not allow file to show pictures...

I worked on a file in Storyline for days. After my preview of the program, I was making one final change - which was just moving something on a timeline - when I got a message that "Storyline is not responding" my options were "save file and debug" or "Close". I chose save file and debug. Since then none of the images appear in preview and the sound files will not play.

It appears as though all of the programming and timings are still intact. I tried inserting the images again (right click, change picture - so animations and variables stay put) and inserting the sound files again, but the sounds will not play.

Anyone ever experience this? I'm sick over days of work lost on this 74 slide project!

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Sue Lorusso

I don't have an earlier version - this was my initial version. The good news is, all of my "programming" is still there. So I've found that by changing the pictures and clicking on the audio and "importing" I am able to rebuild that portion. So at least I don't have to start from scratch.

Thanks for the input Harri!