sudden problems with web objects

Hi - hoping you can help!  We are creating courses that have several web objects embedded in them (system simulations) - we have not had any issues with the display of these objects .. until today.  Suddenly, the simulation displays as a big gray box behind the instructional text which displays fine.  They worked without issue yesterday, and we have not gone through any IT updates etc.  

We have these set to open automatically in a new browser window, and have the browser controls set to default. 

any advice?  I've attached 2 images to illustrate how they looked yesterday (correctly displaying) vs. today (not displaying correctly)

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Veronica Budnikas

Hey Barbara,

There was an update to Storyline yesterday... did you update the software? If so, it's possible a bug was introduced, so I would advise submitting a support case asap.

Here is the update info: (note that point number 4 is related to web objects)