Suggested voice recording software for importing to Storyline 2

Jan 08, 2015

Hello & Happy New Year.  Last year I designed some eLearning projects that I imported voice recordings to.  I did this using Audacity.  There were issues with the quality and I was looking  to find out what other software people use.  

NB: the reason I need to import voice recording is that people who are doing them may be SMEs or offsite and don't have access to Storyline.

Any suggestions welcomed ! Thanks, Shawna

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Cody Salinas

Hi, Shawna.

I absolutely advocate the use of Audacity as your tool of choice for audio recordings, especially for the purposes of training. What I think you're running into is tweaking the audio to make the quality as best as possible.

Check out my suggestion to another person who had a similar question. Your SMEs will be able to record and export high-quality audio (always export in .wav to avoid compression), and the audio you import into Storyline will be great.

I've attached an example of a raw Audacity file and the finished project to give you some better clarity. Check out the layer "Course Complete" to listen to the finished product.

Will Findlay

It may be a microphone issue rather than a software issue. Audacity should be able to record high quality audio.  Since people are offsite I imagine they may be using the built in microphone on their computer. This is usually pretty low quality.  You might invest in a Yeti mic (only $109 on Amazon right now). I've had good success with mine: