Suggestion for one of the E-Learning Challenages

My wife and I are into digital photography as amateurs. We love learning new techniques, and participating in challenges. Sometimes we'll look at a photo and before we ask how the user created it, we'll try to replicate it. I frequently read challenges and discussion threads, sometimes just looking at some of our E-Learning Heroes' files, and do the same thing.

Sometimes I'll see something really cool or different. I may not have a need for the activity or the template I'm looking at, but I'll see if I can recreate the interaction(s). Frequently this becomes just a practice exercise, but one that allows me to learn new skills, tricks, and general how-to knowledge with the StoryLine products. I have asked the question many times 'how did you do so & so?'. I know in the discussion and examples each week, I see that question frequently. And we share. We share how, we share examples, we share knowledge.

My suggestion for a challenge is find some interaction or file where people are bound to ask 'how did you do that?' It may be a loop on a timeline, using layers in some unique way, showing part of a page etc. Anything really. Put the published file out and challenge users to recreate the file or interaction, with out the step-by step instructions. The following week put the how-to for the original and let users see how they did.

It should not include products that use software only a few people have access to, like animation from one of the cartoon creation programs. Things like sounds would be optional in the final product.


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