Suggestion regarding how to process feature requests

Hi everyone,

I started using storyline a year ago and have used the forums often. Great info and inspiration to be found here.

One thing I miss is a better overview of the status of feature requests. Here's a suggestion:

Try mimicking what Microsoft is doing with regards to their online tool Powerbi.

Each user has a number of votes they can cast based on their user profile. Once an idea is either turned down or implemented the votes are returned to the user. This makes you think twice before voting or submitting an idea.

Each idea has different phases (backlog, under review, escalated, planned, started, completed, declined).

It's the best way I've seen to make a tool truly driven by user input. The current approach gives us no clue of status/importance (through user votes) or anything. You submit a request and hope. THAT part of Storyline could be better. That being said it is still the BEST tool out there.

Just my 2 cents

Best regards


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