Suggestions on how to "test" a candidate during an interview??

Feb 05, 2014

Hi There,

My company is hiring a second eLearning Designer, and my supervisor came to me for suggestions on how to "test" their expertise during the interview. My interview included importing a PowerPoint into Storyline, recording audio, and then creating a brief quiz at the end. Prior to the interview, I had never used Storyline, and actually downloaded the free trial at home to self-train in preparation for the interview. I was then sent to a formal training class to learn more.

Our new hire will not be invested in the same way... they're wanting someone to walk in with advanced knowledge of Storyline. So how would you recommend "testing" this individual? I suggested providing a basic outline of the training needed, interactive elements required in the module (buttons, hotspots, lightboxes, etc), a basic script, and perhaps a folder with some saved screen shots. Does this sound like a good plan? What kinds of things do you all do when interviewing?

Thanks for your time & help!

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Bea Stephan

Hi Chrisanna,

You can ask for any Articulate Storyline portfolio.

And yes, if your interview contains a practical case, the thing you have planned will do.

More important is if the designer is able to think in 'rapid e-learnig' scenes.

Is creative on finding solutions and has the right filosofy on e-learning.

Analitic qualities and having an overview with regard to the learning pathway and LMS is necessary, and experince.

Good luck

Harri S

We normally take a 2 stage approach

Stage 1: standard interview, discuss prior experience, knowledge of learning design etc

Stage 2: Provide the candidate with a 1 page A4 brief of a theory and ask them to produce e-learning on it by close of play the next day. 

This works well for us as we often have to present ideas to clients (hence stage 1) and we get to see the intent in the elearning brief as well as figuring out how they behave under pressure and if they can work to tight deadlines. 

Hope this helps.

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