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Feb 19, 2013

I have to set 10 questions on 10 subjects.

The learner can take any set of questions either in order or they can pick and choose.

They must complete all sets of questions before they can pass the course.

They must acheive 80% to pass

Do I just run one long scene or should I break each set of questions into scene's with one certificate slide at the end which would sum up all answerd questions and then report to the LMS.

Don't really know where to start



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Ken Stafford

Brilliant thanks

I have now setup some buttons that take the learner to the quiz,  At the end of the quiz is the results slide and I have an overall results slide that takes the score from the other result slides.  BUT . . . . 

How do I display the main results slide when all quizes have been passed.

At the moment there is a menu slide with 9 buttons to 9 different quiz's if they complete a quiz (pass or fail) they return to the menu slide to attempt another quiz.  Its not until all quiz's have been passed they should see the main result slide and then the results sent to the LMS.

Not sure about how to tackle this.

Thanks so far

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