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Jan 06, 2020

Good day,

I have uploaded a course to my company's LMS and previously the course was working fine until I had to do a slight update to one of the images in the course. 

Anyway, I have external PDFs attached and now they PDFs are attached will not open and I get a System Error. I have attached a screenshot of the error to this post. Please advise. Thank you


Rikiah Pratt


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Vincent Scoma

Hi Rikiah,

Thank you for reaching out! 

Based on the screenshot provided, it seems like the issue may be specific to your LMS environment. We typically test in SCORM Cloud for a base comparison with LMS testing. If the course is working fine in SCORM Cloud, then I'd reccommend reaching out to Sumtotal to see why that error message is populating. 

If you need our help to test your file in SCORM Cloud, we're always more than happy to help! You can share files in this thread here, or you’re welcome to share it privately here. We'll let you know our findings and will delete it after having a closer look!

Deepak Mohanty

Hi Rikiah,

So, does that mean when you click some relevant hyperlink inside the course, the attached PDF doesn't open and you get this error? 

Also, as suggested by Vincent, test your course on SCORM Cloud, and if you replicate the error, please let us know. 

I'm not an authorized customer support engineer from SumTotal, but I would like to understand the issue, as a content developer, and see if I can offer you any solution. However, you always have the option to raise a ticket to the SumTotal CS team. 

Rikiah Pratt

Yes, that is correct. However, after many tries and failed research, a co-worker and I decided to try to rename the project replacing the spaces with underscores. The use of spaces in the title name of the file was the issue, and the course files are viewable now. 

So, for anyone having that issue, they must remember that the file name can not include spaces. 

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