SumTotal Learn and Essay Questions

May 22, 2020

Greeting group. We have run into an issue when using Storyline 3 build content and SumTotal Learn. We built a package with Essay Questions and they are returning NULL in some of the responses. SumTotal noted that the SCORM record was showing the type as "fill-in" instead of the "long-fill-in" type.

We found an article that explained changing the JavaScript in the SCORMFunction and 2004SCORMFunction file should fix this. We did this and still saw the same results. We put our SCORM file in SCORM Cloud and it reported the types as "long-fill-in" after our update.

SumTotal responded that this is an Articulate problem and suggested we reach out to Articulate.

Has anyone else come across this issue either in SumTotal Learn or another LMS?

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Sam Hill

Hi Steven, how did you go? You are correct that changing the SCORM2004_INTERACTION_TYPE_FILL_IN to "long-fill-in" should correct the problem. The NULL value will be occurring if the characters exceed the limit of 250 when it is type "fill-in".

Note that each time the module is re-published you would need to update this value in the published output unless you update the core files that Storyline uses during the publish.

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