Super Annoying...

Jun 06, 2021

And my expert coach agrees.

Out of the blue, random crash the system. You cannot edit, takes 20-40 to even highlight an object. If you click on the slide, it will crash Articulate. Duplicate it and both slides will crash the system. Before directed in my direction it is slide 16 out of 49. It was designed the EXACT same way as ALL the other slides. The three triggers are exactly the same as is the image background, the text fields, and the audio file. I would struggle to believe that I am personally good enough to design a random slide that crashes Articulate when all the others function as they should. Like I said super annoying and it shouldn't happen. PS this has happened on at least one slide in four different courses. Help or a fix welcome.  

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Walt Hamilton

It's not about you. SL randomly corrupts objects, or sometimes even whole slides. It is especially characteristic of corruption if duplication causes the same symptoms. Try completely deleting the slide, saving to a new file, completely exiting SL (perhaps even shutting down), restarting SL, and loading the new project. If that clears it up, recreate the slide completely from scratch ( do not copy or duplicate any element of it), and Bob may be your uncle.

If it happens as often as you say, I can offer two suggestions: 1. completely exit SL about every hour, and 2, if you are not saving and loading your project from a local drive, try that.