Super duper timeline fix!

Hey all,

I just wanted to pass on this little beaut of info I've literally just this second figured out!

I have an awful lot of old courses that I've built with stupidly long timelines which now, 4 or so years on I need to shorten from somewhere as far as 600 seconds down to about 8 seconds. 

Dragging the end of the timeline on each slide was just getting ridiculous so I've just been playing around with other buttons and have just worked out a MUCH MUCH MUCH faster way!

Grab the end of the timeline and then hit the 'Home' key... voila! The timeline then shrinks down to the longest object on the page, in my case that's the audio which works perfectly!

Just had to share as Im so excited to have found this after scouring and coming up short when looking for a fix before.

I hope it helps others out too!

Argh... I should add that when testing it just now it will only work with a pen, I've just recently ditched the mouse and started using a wacom tablet instead and it seems it'll only work that way.... bummer!

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