Superscript in the Menu area

Apr 02, 2015


I have a menu dropdown in top-right dropdown position.

I am DESPERATELY trying to find a way to make superscript appear in the menu either by taking it from the slide title, or typing in.

I am creating a large pharma series, and having "Registered" and "Trademark" symbols appearing next to drug names in the menu is a pretty fundamental requirement.

Also - special characters such as en rule seem to get translated to a "normal" hyphen.

Any ideas please?


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Bruce Graham

Hi Christophe - that's excellent.

Did you use the code in the slide, or go to the Menu and individually edit each menu item to be same as the slide?

REALLY stupid question - how do you enter an ALT code? Do you just hold Alt down and then use the numeric keypad to type the number?

Thanks :)

Christophe Jacobs

Hello Bruce,

Actually, I use the label of my screen to generate automatically my menu.

So Storyline uses whatever is typed there. You can however just type it in when you edit the menu.

And yes, it is that simple. Hold ALT while pressing the 4-digit code on your numeric keypad. You can try it out in Word first to see if it works.

Kind regards,


Bruce Graham

OK - but here's the issue.

As you can see from Christophe's post, and my own investigations and new-found playing with the Alt-codes, the ® symbol is not really properly in superscript (as you can see here...), in the same way that ™ is. It's at the same level as text.

It needs to be superscripted, and people/clients who use this as a standard symbol are having problems understanding why I cannot just make this happen like they are used to.

Any other ideas?


Crystal Horn

Hi Lyn.  Thanks so much for joining the conversation.  Just to confirm what Bruce said:  The ® symbol is still behaving the same way in the Player text (showing at text level instead of superscripted).  We have documented this issue for QA, and I will check in with my team about it.  I know this doesn't look right for your industry, so I'm happy to bring this one up again.

Bruce Graham

Leslie - why are we STILL not able to do this? I don't understand why being able to execute a simple, Global typographic convention isn't possible.

Could you tell me if it is even on the development roadmap?

I'm just about to start a project where this might be required, and I'd like to be able to set expectations correctly. 


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Nitesh,

Sorry, those codes didn't work, but have you tried copying/pasting the superscript characters in? 

I was able to do that from a Word doc onto the slide title and while editing the menu titles in Storyline. Here's a quick project I published ( no slide content, but just menu titles) and you'll see that those super/subscripts carried through from this image too of Preview:


I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but this feature isn't on the near-term roadmap. The team works hard to capture and categorize all feature ideas, and that list is continuously reviewed and adjusted based on the most pressing needs, amount of users impacted, and the viability of other workarounds; such as copy/paste in this instance.

Storyline's menu doesn't include a rich text editor to have those items added directly since the player itself handles the majority of the formatting, but I can see how that would make your workflow smoother when adding in superscripts and add a lot of time back into your day. I'll bring it back up to the team, and if this moves up in priority I'll be sure to let you know here.

Bruce Graham

OK - here's the problem with the "workaround".

Pharma people are notoriously detailed, and superscript/subscript, whilst SOMETIMES being positioned at the top or bottom of the line of type (such as your examples), are usually, (in my experience anyway...) written ABOVE, or BELOW the line of type, respectively.

So, this is what they have used for dozens of years, and they just expect it. People are incredulous when I say that we cannot do it in Storyline, a leader in training software. Sorry, that's just a reality. Perhaps I am the only one that works in Pharma where people bring this up?!

Wikipedia has a particularly good explanation of this, explaining where the various scripts are usually in line with top/bottom, and where they extend above/below the top/bottom (chemicals mainly).

It's not a question of "my workflow", it's a question of being able to write things correctly and have it display correctly for learning audiences. It's like saying "Ah...don't worry about using an n-dash, just use a hyphen instead...".

Just my (continuing) 2p worth.

Lyn Lucovsky

Adding on here to Bruce's comments. This all boils down to what our clients are advised by their legal teams to do in order to protect their brands and IP. Legal requirements are not typically just a "nice to have" so merely disclaiming that it's a Storyline limitation doesn't make the need go away.

Christopher Emanuelli

Here's a workaround to add superscripts to menu:

1. Export your module.

2. Navigate to html5\data\js

3. Open frame.js in a text editor

4. Search for the menu item title you want to superscript like this:


The item title will appear twice like this: 

"slidetitle":"131I-MIBG therapy","displaytext":"131I-MIBG therapy"

5. Use HTML superscript tag to mark-up the displaytext value like this:

"slidetitle":"131I-MIBG therapy","displaytext":"<sup>131</sup>I-MIBG therapy"

6. Save, now on refresh the title should be superscripted.


Jose Tansengco

Hello Will, 

Thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately, we don't have any new updates to share regarding the ® symbol in the menu appearing as a superscript. We'll be sure to leave a message here in case this feature makes it to our product roadmap. Here's a quick look at how we manage feature requests for your reference.