Support for .webm and .ogv video

Hi all,

In this moment storyline doesn't support HTML5 video formats as .webm and .ogv. So there is problem to watching videos in Firefox and Safari. I watched the HTML code of my course and there is only one html tag for .mp4 video. It looks like this:

<video src="story_content/video_blablabla.mp4"...

For proper use of HTML5 video there have to be another two video tags like this:

<video src="story_content/video_blablabla.mp4"...

<video src="story_content/video_blablabla.ogv"...

<video src="story_content/video_blablabla.webm"...

Can me anyone says, if this problem will be solved in some updates of Storyline? 

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Phil Mayor

MP4 is supported in Safari encoded as H-264, Storyline does not support HTML5 in Firefox at the moment.

Supported browsers in windows are only Chrome, and Safari and Chrome on the Mac.

In reality you could get away with supporting only two of the file formats.

I expect this will be addressed at some point as Chrome will drop H-264 in the future.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Katie!

Honestly, it is not something I'm familiar with and looks like a very specific codec. Even if you can utilize this format, I believe it will be encoded to MP4 and not sure how that will affect your project.

I did want to be sure you were aware that replying to the forums via e-mail attaches your signature, but you are welcome to pop in and edit if needed.