Support needed with changing states of next and previous button

Hi all,

I'm not new to the community, but new to posting.  Hoping someone can help me with finding a solution to a issue i'm stumped on.  On a few of the slides I am working on I set conditions ( that work) i.e, does not allow you to proceed to the next slide until all objects are visited.  I also Changed the state of the next button to disabled when timeline starts, changed the state of the next button to normal when (the variable) was complete.

The problem is when I go to review the course and want to go back to the previous slide it does not reset ( meaning a user would not be able to go back to review the content).

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Jin Bang

Hi Layla,

Welcome to E-Learning Heroes. Have you considered adding another trigger to the next button ( and anything relevant), to enable objects in your slide when a certain variable is not equal to zero? E.g. Review Variable that enables all objects in the slide. 

It's a bit difficult to suggest what changes to make without a sample of what you are trying to do, but I definitely get your point.

Feel free to attach a sample on your next reply. 

Let me know if you need further assistance.



Layla Dawson

Hi Jin, 

Thanks so much for the quick reply. I did not consider adding another trigger to the next button and not sure what trigger to add so that the when a user revisits the it will allow the user to review the slide as is forcing them to complete the interaction again.

(resetting to initial state did not work)

Attached is an example for one of the scenes:

The Variables Names Is Marker 1 Complete  

I have the  triggers to disable the next button when the timeline starts

Next  I have change the next button to normal when Marker 1(the variable) changes Marker 1 Complete

Nancy Woinoski

Hi Layla, without seeing your story file, I can only guess a solution.

You have a trigger that sets the next button to disabled when the timeline starts so this trigger is going to fire every time the user returns to the slide. To fix this, you have to add a condition to the trigger that says only do this if variable Marker 1 Complete is false.

The slide properties must be set to reset to the initial state.

 I think this should work but if it doesn't then we would have to see the story file to see how you have it set up. Thinks like trigger order can impact how things work. 

Jin Bang

Hi Layla,

Nancy's suggestion is the easiest way to avoid the next button to be disabled. However, assuming that Marker1complete is only true when all objects on the slide are completed/visited, then a separate variable will be needed.

Hope you get it working! Let us know if you need further help.


Layla Dawson

Hi Jin,

I have added the scene with the interaction (that users must complete selecting all markers) before proceeding to the next scene.  However if they want to go to back they are unable.  If you can give any further support on what variable I would need please let me know. Thanks again

Layla Dawson

Hi Nancy,


Thank you for your message and guidance I have added a scene in the course I'm building.  The learner has to select all three markers before proceeding to the next scene.  However if they want to go back to the back they are unable to proceed any help I would greatly appreciate it :) 

John Morris

The variable "slidevisited" will change to "True" when all three of the markers are in "Visited" state.

The Next button will change to "Normal" state when all three of the markers are in "Visited" state,

The Next button will ALSO change to "Normal" state if the variable "slidevisited" is equal to True.

This should allow the learner to return to the slide and the Next button will still be Normal.