Support Requested Learning Checkes (using multiple choices)

Hi e-learning community members,

Did anyone ever come across an issue similar to what I am experiencing?

I have several learning checks in my course, in the last interaction I want the user the click submit however they are able to bypass this by selecting the next button without submitting the submit button.

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Jerry Beaucaire
  1. You can use triggers to disable "Next/Previous" buttons on slides where the interaction is the "thing".   
  2. Use the GEAR icon on the base layer to turn off those elements for those slides, so the interaction buttons onscreen will control the navigation.

 The Third slide in your .story still has NEXT enabled.

Ren Gomez

Hi Layla,

Thanks for sharing your file! This situation looks like a great opportunity for using states. On your last question, you can add a trigger to set the Next button to the Disabled state when the timeline starts. Then when your user responds, on the Correct and Incorrect layers you can add a trigger to set the Next button to the Normal state

This means once they respond, only then will the Next button be accessible. I've attached your edited file as an example. Hope this helps!