Survey and Essay double feedback

Dec 01, 2013

Hi... I am using non-graded survey and essay questions and have set them to 'User must answer'... I would expect that if the user clicks the submit button without making a response to the question, I should see the 'You must answer this question' feedback... and I do, but I'm also getting the feedback on screen as if the learner has actually responded... so I'm getting both text boxes popping up... how do I fix this issue?



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Cheryl,

Have you set up an additional feedback layer for when they do submit the Essay answers? By default, non-graded questions don't have feedback layers and will only present the "You must answer this question" prompt. If you've added any additional layer, you'll want to check the triggers associated with it, and if it's based on clicking the submit button, you'll want to add a condition to it to only show that layer when the user enters text into the Essay box (when the variable changes).

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