Survey Feedback Bug

Mar 14, 2016

Hi All,

Longtime AS1 user here, but this is my first time creating a set of survey question slides. I'm not able to attach a Storyline file so apologies if this gets a little to long-winded.

I am creating a survey where each question has options 1-10 for the user to rate. I would also like to categorise the ratings, so to put it crudely, 1-5 is 'Bad', 6-8 is 'Good' and 9-10 is 'Excellent'. I would like the user to rate themselves without seeing what category they fall under (as this can cause them to adjust their answers!) so ideally this should only reveal at the end, after they have completed the survey.

I've explored several options such as displaying the category results in the results slide with variables (but this becomes buggy when the user changes her mind and clicks on another rating option ... I think this is to do with object layering). So I'm trying out feedback slides instead so that when the user finishes the survey, she can click on 'Review Survey' on results slide and that will display the feedback for each question (I have set the feedback to be 'by choice').

That works nicely, except for one thing: For each question slide, I also have 'Next' and 'Previous' buttons so that if the user changes her mind, she can go back and forth before reaching the results slide. The problem is that when the user clicks 'Previous', the previous slide displays the feedback slide too. Now I don't want this at all as I want the feedback slide displayed only after the survey is completed and the user clicks on 'Review Survey'.

I've looked into slide properties and the only way I can get the feedback slide to remain hidden is to set 'reset to initial state' when revisiting. But this would cause the user to having to do the survey slide again.

Does anyone know a work-around for this?

Thanks very much :)

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