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Mar 26, 2013

What would be the best way to have a open ended feedback question in Storyline and have it stored in a database or sent to an email?

Ideally, it would be best to have Moodle somehow gather this info in Storyline, but unlikely.

Thanks in advance (Christine--since you will most likely respond)

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Christine Hendrickson

Jay Chun said: 

Thanks in advance (Christine--since you will most likely respond)

Haha!  Nice!

Ok, now if I can stop smiling, maybe I can give you some suggestions

Personally? What I like to do is bring in a third-party survey for conveying information to a database and receiving that in a report. You're right, this won't be passed through to Moodle, but it may actually work better for you.

Now, different survey services provide different features. Most of them, however, will enable you to receive the feedback by email, or store it in their database. What you could do is create a survey with one of these services and insert it into your course as a web object. The learner would be able to fill out the survey and submit it through the course itself and you'd receive the information using one of the previously mentioned methods.

One popular survey site is Survey Monkey. They provide both a free and "Pro" version, so you could certainly play around with it and see if it works for you.

SurveyMonkey: Free online survey software & questionnaire tool

The main issue I hear from designers that use third-party survey tools like that is the design or customization. Another option you could use is a custom built web form or survey. If you have access to a web team, or if you're web savvy and can create your own form, you could also do the same thing, but you'd have more control over the design.

Again, I'm not sure either of these options will work for you - but I certainly hope it helps to get the ball rolling!

Having said all that, Storyline does send the survey data to the LMS. Survey answers should be included along with the other data that Storyline will send to your LMS. It really depends on how the LMS handles this. 

Joe Deegan

It's possible to get the data in Moodle but it's messy and will be a pain if you have many survey respondents.  Using a tool like survey monkey you'll have much better options for reviewing the results and you can brand it with your company's logo and colors.  I'd recommend going that route or Qualtrics is another good one I've had success with.

Joe Deegan

If you want to include it in a Storyline module then a web object is the way to go.  It can also be setup as a "stand alone" survey on your Moodle site by adding a link to the survey.  With Survey Monkey or Qualtrics you can create a link from your Moodle site to the survey or you could even display it in an iframe if you want it to look like it's embedded in your Moodle site.

john faulkes

Hi Jay,

By all means use a web object to get access to web-based services such as Survey Monkey, but just to let you know though that we have built some routines to send Storyline variablesdirectly to databases, and the other way around populate Storyline variables from databases. We wanted to do pretty much what you're doing, build a survey to our own spec, using the easy and nice looking features of storyline and capture the data directly, in a way that a standard LMS may not be able to accept.

Happy to discuss further, send private email to if you wish.


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