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Aug 17, 2020


Can I have one short answer survey question and one quiz question in single module? Do I need to store the first user response (short answer) in a variable, then submit it with a results slide (which would be placed after the quiz question)? 

Right now I only have the survey question and a Submit Essay trigger on it when the user clicks the Submit button. I then jump to the next slide. My LMS was able to get the short answer entry without a results slide, unless I am forgetting something I did to make it work.



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Sam Hill

Hi S T, are you talking about wanting to get the data for reporting purposes in the LMS? If so any question response you want to report on in the LMS, you need to process the question with the same results slide that is used for Tracking completion. Tracking a survey question using the same results slide as your quiz will not impact the score, as survey questions are not graded.


Hi Sam,

My mistake, I did have a results slide for my survey question. I redesigned the results slide so it looks like a regular slide.

I want to have a one question survey after this results slide asking for the user's rating of the module. Do I use another results slide for this second survey question? Or, do I store the first survey answer in a variable, then submit it with the second survey question?

Sam Hill

Hi S T, see the attached file for an example of a quiz question and survey question being tracked on the LMS (when the course hits the last result slide).

The last results slide processes the quiz results and survey result slide to ensure data is tracked to the LMS. The last result slide is used as the completion trigger.

Will this set-up work for your case?

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