Survey results


I am looking to create a quiz/questionnaire in Storyline that users will take to find out how the time in their day is broken down in to 5 categories.

I have 50 questions. Each question will have it's own slide and has 5 possible answers (1-5).

When the survey is completed, could somebody please explain to me in laymen's terms how I can display a pie chart of the user's results? I understand that I may need to use Java script, however implementing it is not something I know how to do. Please help.



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Jon Ellinor

Hi Brian

Thanks for getting back to me on this. I do appreciate it. I'm afraid my knowledge on this is very limited. In order to apply pie chart JS to my results slide, what do I need to do on each of my question slides for it to work?

Do you have any examples that you could share?

My questions are all multi-choice with 5 possible answers (all 1-5)

Thanks again for your time.