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I have been tasked with creating a compliance course that has different content and acknowledgments depending on which state the learner is employed. The dilemma I am running into is with getting the data to report properly to the LMS. Two of the three activities end with True/False acknowledgment questions, but when I tie these into the same Results slide, the course reports back ALL questions, including ones the learner didn't access. Is there any method to make this work? We're under a strict deadline of implementing this on Monday, so I'm very eager to find a resolution for this. Thanks in advance.

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Emily Ruby

Hello John!

If you have all of the questions set to pull for the same results slide, they will all count when the results slide is calculated.

You could se these each up with their own results slide, however tracking multiple quiz scores in the same course isn't supported.

You can look at the information here about tracking multiple SCO's within a course.

Other members may have additional ideas as well.

John Hill

Thanks Emily. I hadn't seen the link on tracking multiple SCOs, but I will take a look. I can actually work with the current solution I've developed, but the big issue is that the "untouched" questions are still reporting back a response, even though the learner didn't touch those questions. We can filter in the reporting from the LMS if we have to, but my biggest concern is the validity of the responses.

Emily Ruby

Hello Michael, and welcome to Heroes!

When you create a results slide, this allows you to easily communicate to your users about how they performed on any combination of quiz questions you've included in your course.  You can report on all questions in your course or, if you prefer, just a subset of questions.

You can even combine scores from multiple result slides to create a final result slide with a consolidated score.

But however you set this up, the same slides will pull to the results slide each time.

here is some other information on results slides.

Let us know if you need anything further.