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We just launched our first Storyline eLearning and have gotten great feedback so far!

We incorporated several open-ended survey questions into the learning--but haven't figured out how to view the results.  Our LMS reports a score on the graded questions, but we can't access the other info.

Any suggestions? (Our LMS is Taleo.)  Thanks!

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Brent deMoville


I have also found it difficult to get survey data out of an LMS (Plateau).  We have worked directly with Plateau and they tell us they are not sure how to get that detail out of the database.  It is not a standard report and they are very hazy on the details of a custom report.  I have noticed this theme appear a number of times in the forum with a variety of different LMS hosts and I have still not seen a good solution.

In my opinion, surveys are used differently than a quiz.  I look to my LMS to maintain quiz data, but I would like to be able to send survey results via email, XML, CSV or some similar format so that it can be brought into Excel or statistical packages for analysis.  We have the front end of a good tool, but then the back end seems to be non-existant.


Brent deMoville

Plateau cannot provide question level data at all.  This is a problem when verifying good and bad questions.  They only provide that when their proprietary quiz tool is used.  It doesn't work with any of the Articulate products, Captivate, or Lectora.

It records the completion information and the quiz score.

Gerry Wasiluk

We provided reports for this in our former LMS (Saba).  We even used ODBC to the database so we could produce quick reports for people using Microsoft Reporting Services.

Sometimes things are recorded and you don't know it--and the canned LMS reports don't show this.  We had to get a data model of the LMS database and pore through to find what we needed.  Saba was recording everything Articulate was sending it to record.

Brent deMoville


Nice to hear your thoughts.  Plateau told us a similar story.  They assured us that all of the data was in the database but we spent hours with them and their data dictionary and we could not find a clean way to extract it.  So, it doesn't really matter if it exists if you can't get it.  It sounds like you worked out a solution with Saba but it sounds like you had to work for it.

My point to Articulate about surveys specifically is that we should have a way to access that data without having to wade through the mire in the backend of LMS databases.  It would be so nice to have an alternative data route for survey results.

Gerry Wasiluk


If I needed to do a survey in a course, I might be tempted to do the survey as a Google form and then insert it as a web object in the Storyline course, leaving the formal quiz stuff to the LMS and Storyline.

Let Google collect the data for you in a nice spreadsheet.  Possible option.  And it's free.  Always good.

Brent deMoville


I agree.  I currently use Acrobat Pro for surveys.  It does a great job with the data and provides a spreadsheet option.

I don't really understand why Captivate and Articulate bother with Likert scale questions if they are not going to be more useable.

I wanted to use the Likert scale for a culture scale analysis within Storyline, but the results are not accessible within Storyline.  I could build my own series of Likert like questions but that defeats the point of a built-in question style.

I love Storyline, but I have to just forget Likert.


Unfortunately we are committed to a regulated and validated LMS so Articulate Online is not an option.

Trace Main

Great discussion and I agree with Brent.  Our LMS is Meridian and it has a feature to add a separate survey within the system, but on the original course page below the module.  However, sending users to another item outside the module is less convenient and somewhat clunky considering the technology. Additionally, the surveys are not the best. Why not have an option to email survey results independent of the LMS and through Storyline?  That way we could get our results without having to send users to an outside vendor, like Google.  Just a tip, this would be a great add-on feature.  I do, however, like the idea of the Google survey link option for now.


I recently needed to use survey with open-ended question and went along putting them inte the production. Then I started to look för the options to deliver the responses via e-mail (our LMS can only import SCORM 1.2)  In my mind, Articulate has the rock hard history of delivering stable and no-hazzle, easy to use features in their Products, so I was convinced that this would be an option.

But here Articulate has failed to deliver!

To use this as an argument to switch to Articulate Online makes me even more dissapointed. A few examples like this will soon wreck the well deserved confidence that we customers have for the Company, the support and, finally, the products. If you start to use half-implemented features to sell your other products you will end up in a totaly different category of suppliers, at least in my book.

To balance this: Articulate StoryLine is a fantastic products and the track-reckord of your support is also fantastic. As the second best solution, I will end upp using Web-objects as a second best solution, as also proposed here. This inconvenience is of course not the end of the World, but it is really an unneccesary and uggly stain on the wall..

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi P-O-E,

Thanks for sharing that here and the email results feature is something that our team feels that unfortunately, there’s no way to email results easily, accurately, and consistently. For example, if you use Gmail or your computer’s security settings are high, you can’t email results. Also, you run the risk of learners tampering with results since they can access the email before it’s sent. Given these limitations, we decided not to include the email results feature in our products anymore. As you mentioned, using a web object to collect results is one option and I do believe there are other users who have set up something with Javascript to send the results to a particular email. 

Enzo Silva

In my case, I'm looking for a way to have learners answer a series of questions on a survey (Likert scale questions) and then the Results be based on the weights they assigned to each question. Branching. That is, something similar to those "Whoch Star Wars Character Are You?" > custom results.

I didn't find an easy way to have likert scales count weights (if there is one) per answer. So, I am considering going with a graded quiz, except no passing is needed AND not feedback is provided (it isn't a quiz, but a survey).

Lee  Cain

Hi Ashley, I've been trying to create a survey in Storyline to devise a learning styles survey following the same format as the VAK questionnaire. The survey results page effectively needs to sum the number of questions in the survey that were asnwered as A, the number of questions that were answered as B, and the number of questions that were answered as C. Respectively this will indicate whether the respondent is a visual, auditory or kinaestehtic learner. Do you know how we are able to create this rather simple calculation in Storyline - any help would be greatly appreciated?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Lee,

Here is an older thread where some folks shared examples of the learning style surveys. We have some other threads that may assist you in what you are trying to accomplish (if I understand correctly). Check them out here and here.

This Screenr may help as well:


Hope that gets you started and best of luck with your project!