Survey scoring (as opposed to quiz scoring) in Storyline 3/Quizmaker?

Nov 28, 2019



Sorry this is a bit of a loose question. I am not a regular user of Articulate (only when I have access to a school's resources when I freelance).

I am trying to ascrertain a number of things First and foremost, whether I can use any of the Articulate products (except 360 as I don't have access to that for the time being) to create a SURVEY as opposed to a QUIZ. Surveys have many shapes and forms, but let's take one example. A number of survey questions have answers A or B. No right or wrong answer but each answer scores a point in one of 5 categories (like pshychological traits for example). For each question/answer, A and B do not score in the same category. In other words, the rule is specific to each question: question one, A scores in category 2 and B in category 5, question 2 A scores in Category 4 and B in category 3 etc...I then total the scores in each category to determine a profile (like in personality tests).

I also have surveys based  Likert Scale questions. That also reuires a flexible "scoring" method.

I know that Storyline 3 imports Quizmaker outputs, but I don't know that Quizmaker can handle the above. I also remember I think that Storyline can use variables and I am wondering whether that is a way of scoring a survey-type questionnaire.

I would really appreciate your comments and suggestions and if you have had direct experience of building and scoring surveys with any Articulate component, I would certainly love to see examples (if they are not confidential or commercially sensitive of course).

Thank you all for reading me.



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Errol Muir

Hi Remi. You might find this helpful also. It is a survey (as in psych type surveys) with 3 questions for each of 6 result categories (18 questions in all). The three questions use Likert type scale and give a total score for each of the 6 categories.The 6 results are shown using sliders. You can see it at and the storyline module is attached.

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