Survey Slides Randomly freezing?

Does anyone else have a problem with Survey Slides randomly freezing? As posted in this conversation:, I have tests I am creating that have very complicated scoring. So I am using "Pick One" Survey slides, instead of quiz slides. This means I will end up with tons of variables for each test. Not only does each slide have a correct answer, but it also has a point value. So a user can get 5 questions correct, but the points might equal zero. So the number correct, and the total points have to be reported.

Additionally, each test will have 7-8 sections, and each section will also need to have its own total on number correct, and a separate points total. Finally, there are two tests a user might take. A user is assigned one randomly. If they fail -based on a combination of the number actually correct, and a range for the totaled point values of each answer-, they have the opportunity to take a second test, that has a different range on point value for passing, has its own separate sections, different "correct" answers, etc.

Finally, the client wants to be able to have all these individual totals in various reports from the LMS.

I am creating a mock test, with two separate sections, and trying to see if I can get everything to score correctly, and then also report those scores correctly to the LMS.

I have a slide (3.1) that is totaling both the point values per section and for the whole test, using the values of the variables set in the question slides. I have another (3.2) that calculates how many are correct in each section, and for the whole test. These values are coming out perfectly.

I am then using separate "How Many" survey questions, to report these totals to the LMS. There are 6 of these slides. I set the slide equal to one of the variables. When I preview within Storyline, these generally work. But one of these last 6 Survey slides freezes. Most often it is either the 3rd or the 6th survey slide. Sometimes, if I rearrange, a different slide will freeze. I have occasionally had it not freeze at all (Usually the first go through after opening it.) I have even totally rebuilt these Survey slides, so not copying them from anyplace else. It does this in Review, as well. I have not tried SCORM Cloud, because I can't get it functioning in Preview....

I am attaching the SL file, to see if anyone can see the issue. The first five questions, 1 is correct. The last five questions, zero is correct. Makes testing easier.

tldr: can someone tell me why the Survey questions in Scene 3 are randomly freezing?

Any help would be greatly appreciated! I have been working on this for a week.

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Kathy Wasson

As a further update: my work around for this is to set the logic such that if the value is zero, it is not entered in the "How Many" slides. When I do this, the project does not hang. (My client is ok with this, and we will just assume a blank is zero in the data, when we run the scores from the LMS)

---Except, there is now also a new wrinkle. When first starting this, all my slides were using the Submit button, which does not allow the user to go back and change their answer. So I changed all my slides to have Next/Previous, instead of Submit (and all values would be "Submitted" at the end., with the Results slide)

When I did this, the How Many slides started to hang up, again. This time they would hang whenever the value was more than zero.

To make this work, I have to have my questions slides set with Next/Previous triggers (to allow for answer changes), and the How Many survey slides, that total my scores, have logic to ignore zero values, and a Submit trigger. Just unexpected behavior from the How Many slide, all the way around.