Survey with questions dependent on numerical variables not working


I am developing a survey for employees where the questions they are required to answer will be based on previous answers.

For example:  How many times did this happen last month: (numericalvariable)

if they answer 1, then only 1 follow up question will be asked.  Then they get sent  before they get sent to the next question group.

if  they answer 2, then two follow up questions will be asked. 

Instead of the triggers working as I want- the SL asks all of the questions in each group. 


Can somebody please provide advice as to what I am doing wrong?  Source file attached

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Walt Hamilton

I can tell you what causes it, but I don't have a good solution.

If you click on a thumbnail of a slide in the Story pane, you will see it has two triggers to jump to the next slide:


If you carefully hover over one of them you will see it is a trigger to "jump to the next slide", but if you hover over the other one, you will see nothing. That is because it is a system generated trigger.  the Submit button automatically jumps to the next slide, and that jump is overriding the jump trigger you created.  You can learn more about it at this KB article:?

The article also tells how you can modify the default option, but doing so come with two problems. One is that you cannot select different options, depending on the setting of a variable. There might be a way around that restriction, if you are willing to pay the price. The article doesn't mention it, but if you scroll up, you can select "Unassigned", then create a jump trigger. But to modify the branching, you have to set each Likert slide to give feedback by the question, and before it jumps to your slide, it will flash the Result slide.

What I did in the attached file is to allow the submit to jump to the Next slide. Then on Question #2, I created a trigger to "jump to the next scene when timeline starts if variable = 1", etc. It works, but still flashes the next Likert slide before it jumps to the next scene. I only made the changes for the EndoDefect slides.

I don't like it, but I is the best I have so far.