Jun 15, 2012

I have a course that will be customer-facing (will not be in LMS).  If I pull in a survey created in Quizmaker, is it possible to see/track the results?

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Jeanette Brooks

Storyline is really designed for course-authoring; it's not really designed as its own tracking mechanism. So, we recommend using a SCORM- or AICC compliant Learning Management System (LMS), or a tracking/reporting solution such as Articulate Online if you need to track and report on your learners' answers or their progress. Any output you create with Articulate software is SCORM- and AICC- compliant, so it will work with an LMS that conforms to either of those standards.

There are a lot of good LMS options out there, and of course Articulate Online works great with all of the Articulate software. Here's where you can learn about Articulate Online if you're interested in that, and you can even get a 30-day trial for free:

Many course developers use free LMS options, so that's another possibility you might want to explore too. Here are a few you could check out:





Celestial Holmes

Well, we have an LMS; however, we use it for employees only.  This is a customer-facing course.  We have Survey Monkey, but I was hoping to have the survey embedded in the course so that we could tie it to the gift they receive for taking the course.  This would be a better way of ensuring they complete the survey...

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