May 01, 2019


I'm investigating Survey questions, which I've not used before, and I'm starting to think they aren't going to do what I would like. I'd appreciate any advice. What we would like is to create a survey that students can complete to give feedback on our classroom or eLearning courses. This feedback is purely for our training team, and doesn't need to be recorded in an LMS or anywhere else apart from a spreadsheet that we can interrogate. 

Is there any way we can get results from a survey to download, either in .csv format, maybe by email, or into a spreadsheet at all? 

The best it seems able to do is 'print', although it doesn't actually print, but presents the results in a browser format. I wonder if anyone has a script that we can get a download of this data, or are there any moves by Articulate to give us this as a feature? Seems a shame we can't do this..... Unless I'm missing something?



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