suspend_data save trigger

Can anybody tell me what the trigger is for suspend_data to save (SCORM 1.2 module). I have a slide, I am changing some variable using JavaScript and accessing the SL player GetPlayer() GetVar() SetVar(). I can confirm the variables are being updated within SL as I placed text fields on the stage to display and debug the Get/Set. The variables succesfully update, however, If I select Exit course and check the logs, the suspend_data has not been updated witth the variables. If I force the course to complete, the suspend_data is then updated. I'm interested to know, how I can trigger suspend_data to pick up the variable changes and write to the LMS.

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Sam Hill

Thanks Phil. I found this to be the case. It appears to be triggered either by a completion trigger or navigating to another slide. I might see if a lightbox might trigger it.

--- update ---

Lightbox works, and triggers the suspend_data. Not a great solution though as the lightboxes are not great, and remain as a bookmarked location.

New layer does not work, it has to be a new slide loaded.