SVG and EMF images embedded in powerpoint fail to import correctly into storyline 360

We are trying to import PowerPoint (pptx) files into storyline 360 (latest version) and the import of images embedded in the PowerPoint is failing partially or completely when the said images were originally in emf, wmf, or SVG formats. The faulty images appear as wireframes instead of actual pictures. Samples are shown below.

The said images were drawn in illustrator (latest version) and then exported as emf, wmf, or SVG.

This is causing us major headache. 

I am attaching a sample pptx file to this thread and inserting a screenshot of the PowerPoint slide and how it imports into storyline 360 :

PowerPoint slide: 

Once imported into storyline, it looks like this:

We need to have our illustrations in the PowerPoint file in vector formats before importing into storyline, we can't use png or jpg or any other raster format.

Please advise.


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Ren Gomez

Hi Wassim,

Thanks for reaching out! It could be due to ungrouping or the colors you've selected that may be causing this. The article below shares more tips on how to best import SVG images from PowerPoint.

While Storyline doesn't natively support importing SVG images, this serves as a workaround. If you've followed the steps and are still having similar issues, I can give my teammate, Renato, a heads up in your case to provide more perspective!