I'm so sad. I used to love creating my own SVGs in PPT. Then I would import them and they behaved just like shapes. That is no longer possible. I also tried both dragging and importing SVGs I made in Illustrator. They no longer work. The instructions for the October 2021 update say it's a snap, but it doesn't work for me. Per usual, your latest update has made my experience worse. 



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Lauren Connelly

Hello Michele!

I appreciate your feedback! I'll share this with my team.

You're correct, SVGs imported via PowerPoint behave differently now than they did before.

Before October 2021, SVGs in PowerPoint became shapes when you imported the slides into Storyline 360. Now, SVGs import as native SVGs in new Storyline 360 projects.

When you open an existing Storyline 360 project that has imported PowerPoint slides with SVGs in the October 2021 update, those SVGs still display as shapes. To experience SVG support, reimport those PowerSlide slides into Storyline 360.