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Ruth Perkey

This was an excellent suggestion as I see images there that relate to the slide, but unfortunately I do not see what I am looking for. I think this might be because what I need to swap is actually rollover text within the drop side of the "drag and drop" interaction. The color behind the text is also wrong but it doesn't appear as an image in the Mobile folder so I am wondering if it is in another location or java script driven. I tried to look at the source code but I have only basic html coding knowledge. Any other ideas?

Phil Mayor

I did a quick test and in the html5\data\js folder there are files with random names with the .js filetype. these are minified but you can serach inside doe your text and change the text and then save. The colour behind the text will need you to search through the js to find it, I searched for the colour of my text and could not find in that file.

Minified is when you remove all of the unused characters, it makes the file smaller and as a by product makes it very difficult to read.