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Dec 08, 2014

I have two very short video clips.  One shows an index card flipping from front to back, the other from back to front.  I want to switch between those two states when the user clicks the object, to simulate flipping it over and flipping it back.  The only complication is that it starts off initially in a third (Normal) state which is a still image.

But no configuration of triggers that I have tried will make that work.  I tried triggers that say essentially, "Change this to State A if it is in State B, Change this to State B if it is in State A," but this does not seem to work.  The first click works, but then it just re-plays the same state over and over.  

I even tried setting a variable based on the current state and then switching states based on that.  Still doesn't work.  

Basically all I am trying to do is toggle back and forth between two states when the object is clicked.  This can't be as difficult as it seems to me (or can it?).  Can anyone set me straight on this?

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Ken Teutsch

OK, so here it is.  It sounds confusing in English, but it isn't that complicated.

It starts in the Normal state, which is a still image.  

Trigger says play "Front to Back" if the state is not equal to Front to Back  (So this should play the front flip if the current state is either Normal or Back to Front)

Second trigger says play "Back to Front" if the state is currently Front to Back.  (This should play the back to front animation if we are looking at the front to back state.)

One (I, anyway) would think this would lead to a situation in which the front-to-back animation would play if you are looking at the front of the card, and back-to-front animation will play if you are looking at the back of the card.  Instead, every click plays the back-to-front animation, no matter what.

I even took the Normal state out of the mix and just started with Back to Front and made the trigger say "if it is one state, then play the other."   Still, only "Back to Front" plays when clicked.

I know I must be missing something painfully obvious.  But I haven't tried this before, so...


Lucy Diamond

It's been two years so this is probably an inactive discussion. But I'm wondering - is it possible to create an animated flip card action  (as shown in this post) with a static object or image using Storyline 3? I know this is a basic question but Ken said he was using videoclips. I tried using the triggers/variables but it didn't work. Thanks. 

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