SWF Flash File Preview Problem

Hi guys, I have a small issue with SWF flash files in my course. They work fine, apart from one which for some reason stops a little early (separate problem, but if you know a solution please post!). My biggest issue is my black bar for the UI is not visible when I preview the slide. In edit view it's there, but as soon as I preview it disappears.

I've attached screenshots below so you can see for yourself. Notice on the first screenshot, the flash video is highlighted so you can see the edit box around it, and that it doesn't overlap the black bar. The second screenshot is the preview. (The animation is at a slightly different stage, which is why the text is different)



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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Jordan,

Thanks for sharing the images here, and without seeing the .story file itself it's hard to tell what parts are items you added to your slide vs. what you are looking at in your SWF file? Are you inserting it as a flash file or a video file as described here? Have you looked at the published output within the intended envronment to see how it's behaving there vs. within the preview?