SWF not showing in Preview

Hi everyone

In Storyline 360, when inserting an SWF file, in the Preview mode it only shows a placeholder of where it should be. The width is correct, but not the height.

SWF issue

This is a Captivate output that works in Storyline 2 preview and fills the box (which is just used basically as a border to the SWF), but here, all I get is the little swf box. Whether Captivate output or other SWF, it is the same.

Any ideas on what to do here so it can be seen in Preview mode?

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Michael Bauer

Thanks Wendy. Yep it worked when published e.g. Tempshare link.

Annoying as need to put some markers / hotspots over the SWF ... so have take a screenshot of the SWF at the point I want it, put it in Storyline, put the marker in the right spot, then delete the screenshot. Not the worst thing in the world to do, at least it is a workaround.