.swf on base layer not re-appearing after "hide layer" trigger

Dec 04, 2012


I've got a slide with several layers. On the base layer, there are two .swf files that animate elements on the screen. From the base layer, I click a hotspot which takes me to Layer 2. On Layer 2, I've hidden one .swf so it's not in the way of the Layer 2 text. Then I click a new hotspot on Layer 2 that takes me to Layer 3. Layer 3 also has the .swf file hidden. Then I click another hotspot on Layer 3 with a trigger to hide the layer. Layer 3 does hide, but the .swf file doesn't reappear on the base layer.

What's intersting is that on Layer 2 there's a back button with a hide layer trigger. If I start on the base layer, click the hotspot and go to Layer 2, then click the back button on Layer 2--everything works: Layer 2 hides, reveals the base layer, and the .swf restarts and is visible. However, if I go to Layer 2, then Layer 3, then back to Layer 2 and try the back button again--the issue is the same as above: no .swf.

The file is attached. Thanks for any help.

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Aaron Toth

I put it in as a .swf.

I just tried it as a video, too. As a video, it works! The only issue is that video version does some kind of strange overlay, as if there are two files playing instead of one.

What were you thinking here? Why do you think one method works while the other doesn't?

I attached another file. Thanks.

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