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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Dave!

Are you publishing the file and uploading it to the final destination (LMS, web server, Articulate Online, etc.) before testing it? If you're viewing the file locally and in Chrome, it may be due to the issue covered in this article. If you have tried this, and you're still seeing the white background, are you able to post your .story file or link to the published content?


dave lees

It is happening when I run the course of the LMS too Christine, the background should be transparent and is in IE and Firfox, it is just an issue in chrome. Because of the sensitivity of the content I can't really post the .story file or provide a link, I have attached a screen cap of what is going on and I can send you the story.html file if you like?

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Dave,

Thanks for the additional information. I completely understand if you can't share the content here. If you'd like, we can take a closer look and your project content will remain confidential. To do so, just submit a support case here and include your .story file. Also, after you've opened the case, please share the case number with me (you can do so here or in a private message). This way, I can follow the progress of the case.

Thanks again, Dave. I hope you have a great day!