Swipe function for tablets/phones

Apr 18, 2016

Hi all,

Just wondering if there is any way of setting up for swiping previous and next slides within Articulate instead of using previous/next buttons?

If so, how did you go about doing this?


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Bill Kelleher

Something you could try would be having a slider set up and having the content move on to the previous/next page when the associated variable is equal to a given value I used (0 for previous, 1 for neutral, 2 for next). I've attached a file as an example. The slider, which is partially transparent for demonstration purposes, should be set to 100% transparency when published.

The underlying content would have be pretty static, or you'd have to get creative to include interactivity (like limiting the region on which the user can swipe to move about the course.) My example assumes a standard mobile swipe user experience across a large portion of the screen.

Hope this helps!

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