Switch between feedback and question layers ?


in a SL2 quiz you can display a Correct and Incorrect feedback just after you have answered a question. Then you can click on Continue on the feedback layer to jump to the next question.

But the feedback layer can hide a part of the questions, especially in the freeform question. That’s why sometimes you cannot see your answers and it could be difficult to understand your mistakes.

So I wonder if there are some solutions to allow learners to switch between the feedback layer and the question/answer layer before jumping to the next question.

Any ideas are welcomed.


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Ben McKinstry

This is a great idea, one option might be to change the feedback layer to only appear in one corner or out of the way of the content.

Other than that you would have to set up variables for each question so that it knows which one has been answered correctly/incorrectly and a series of triggers to action all this. Quite a task to do compared to the option of moving the form.

Leslie McKerchie

Hey Rick,

It looks like Ben has a great idea of moving that feedback to a better location on the slide if possible so that the content is not hidden.

Certain question types, including Multiple Choice, Word Bank, Pick One, Which Word, Freeform Pick One, and Freeform Hotspot, allow you to provide feedback by choice and this could be really specific in helping the learner understand their choice vs. the correct choice.

I look forward to hearing all of the ways others have worked with such a requirement.