Switching from Content Point to Storyline!

I'm considering switching from creating content in Content Point to Storyline because of all the great things I've heard about Articulate's software and support forms. Though, to do this I'll need to know how to import existing content created in Content Point to Storyline so I can update existing content as needed. If i can do this then i'll definitely flip the switch and move over to Articulate. I currently have the Storyline trial.


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Ari,

I'm not familiar with Content Point, and after a quick look at their website I'm unsure what type of files are created. Is it powerpoint files? If so, you can import Powerpoint into Storyline - although I can't say that all the elements of Content Point would be transferred. You may want to review the information here on importing Powerpoint into Storyline, as it's not a one to one conversion.

Ari Mordechai

Hey Ashley,

Thanks for the quick response!

Another question.

I would like to have a printable certificate as the final slide of the course with the user name and date imbedded and plenty of room to add text to the certificate. Is there any way to accomplish this using storyline or presenter?



Steve Flowers

Here's a similar thread / question:


As for the certificate, there are several ways to make this work. You could produce something on the slide, with a custom Flash widget, or using JavaScript and HTML. If printing from the slide, all of the navigation will also print.

Ari Mordechai

Thanks Steve! I feel compelled to ask just one more question.

The current authoring software we were using (Content Point) requires placing flash assets on the last slide that resets the course to the beginning and sends course completion information to a table to wait for pick-up by PeopleSoft (our payroll provider). Since it seems like we'll be switching over to Articulate we need to know if it can handle this capability as well.

Ari Mordechai

I have another question for the super hero or anyone else if they know.

A client is having issues viewing a training module that includes video content streamed from YouTube. Due to their corporate intratnet security protocols youtube.com can't be whitelisted so they are able to view the rest of the course but the video shows up blank.

We reccomeneded hosting the video on their corporate intranet and providing us the embedded code instead but they'll need a video player to accomplish this.

Would something like this work? If not, recommendation(s) - please???