Switching to Another Language or a Set of Custom Text Labels

Hi everyone,

Good afternoon. 

I'm in need of your expertise.  I need to change the text labels of feedback boxes in a drag and drop slide.  For example "Correct" , "Incorrect", "Continue" from English to Spanish.

I tried so far to do the following,

1. In the form view of the slide, go to  Player

2. In Player, select "text labels"

3. Switch the language from English to "Spanish" in my case

4. then I click the folder to the right of the field where the language is switched. (Figure 1.0 in the file attached)

5. A dialogue box opens up and looks for file with the extension "Text Label Files" (*.xml)(Figure 2.0 in the file attached); however there is no file in the directory, where can I download the file to upload?


I'm trying to change the text labels so these will show in Spanish in the Free form drag and drop activity - Figures 3.0 to 5.0.


Thank you for all your help.



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