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Feb 28, 2017

Hi all,

I'm trying something I've not played with before.. I've a slide which has a 4 minute video as it's content and about 40 seconds in, I have a SL animation play on an in image. Works great... but, if I have the video controls showing at the bottom of the video, and the user zips about anywhere on the video, the timing with the animation is lost, and the animation happens at the wrong time. Is it possible to sync the slide with the video somehow, so that if the user moves around on the video, the animations move with it?

Thanks :-)


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Simon Blair

Hi Paul, 

I had a similar project a while back. The way I got it to work was to disable the video controls and instead have people use the timeline controls to move around the video.

A note of caution, I believe that if you click on the video you can pause it without pausing the timeline. We worked around that by covering the video with a transparent shape.

Cheers, Simon 

Crystal Horn

Hello there, Paul!  Could you use the Player seekbar instead of the video controls to scrub through the slide?  If the video is basically the main content on the slide, the seekbar will control the slide timeline (including any videos set to play within that slide).

I made a quick example where the video can be controlled by the seekbar; the only thing you might want to add is a transparent shape over the video so that the learners can't click on it and pause it inadvertently!

Simon beat me to the punch- but yes.  His words exactly! :D

Paul Williams

That's worked great on the whole, thank you :-) although I seem to be having difficulty with the transparent shape...  it covers the whole video, and is set to be the front object, no fill, no border, but the video is still pausing when I click on it... I'll play with it some more to see if it's something stupid I'm doing.

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