Sync audio to Power Point import without making separate text boxes in Storyline 1?

Nov 04, 2014

Hello. I'm rather new to Storyline 1.  I imported a Power Point presentation that has groups of bullet points coming in at different times. I couldn't find a way to sync my audio with the bullet points other than to create new text boxes for each group of bullet points. Is there an easier way? Thanks.

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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Lori,

Usually the slide will import so the bullets are coming in at different times, and you can see this if you know where to look on the timeline. This sreenshot is an example of a slide that was imported from PPT to SL1.

If you expand the eye for the text box on the timeline, you'll be able to see where the bullets are coming in. While listening to the audio, you can press the letter "C" on your keyboard, which will create a cue point on the timeline.

Each of those objects on the timeline can be aligned to a cue point, either by dragging them into position, or by right-clicking and choosing which cue point you want to align to in the shortcut menu.

Syncing Bullets Imported from PowerPoint

Also, here's a link to Syncing Animations in SL.

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