sync issues when developing storyline files in Sharepoint

Mar 30, 2021

Our team works with Storyline source files stored in Sharepoint - some have found on opening files it showed an older version, despite looking as though it had synched - so lost work. Should we be working in Sharepoint like this with Storyline? Is this supported by Articulate, if not are there plans to enable it to be used this way? Thanks for any advice anyone can offer.

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Math Notermans

Using Storyline other then straight from your own harddisk is not really advised or supported by Articulate. Im quite sure asap a Articulate community manager will jump in and tell this too. I use OneDrive however to sync and store and work from my courses..and that works well enough. If that works in larger teams im unsure of. In Articulate360 Teams there is a Team slide option, that also works quite well when multiple users work on the same projects.