Sync video timing with text

Mar 05, 2013

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Hello All,

I need some help/suggestion in creating some functionality within the storyline tool.

I need to sync the texts, so that video seekbar jumps to appropriate timing.

In the below template, the text written on the left side are clickable text and needs to synced with the video timing.

For example:

If the text no 02 is clicked, then the video seekbar should automatically jump the timing marked as “2”.

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Dennis Hall

Hi Kumar:

Camtasia Studio will allow you to do this. You could then embed the video as per normal in your story.

In Storyline if you attempt this by embedding teh video then adding text boxes, when you pause the video, the slide timeline will continue; throwing everything out of synch.

If you, however, cut your video into small segments, you can then have the text show a layer and play only that video segment.

Kumar Ankit

Hi Denis,

thank you so much for your valuable feedback. I will definetly try it.

The main purpose of using the storyline was to get output which can easily play in every platform.

 Can't we remove the timeline of slide and then just sync the text as buttons with the video's seek at timing. 

Kindly let me know, what you think about this. 



Dennis Hall

Hi Ankit:

If you place a video (via WebObject or embedding) into a slide, then place another object (be it text, image, button, etc...), first, you will not be able to pause the video with this object, and if teh video pasues, the slides timeline will continue. Videos have their own (uncontrollable) timeline in Storyline.

To test this, simply embed a video into a 10 second long slide, then preview it. Click the video to pause it and watch the playbar scubber continue progressing while your video is paused.

I have attached a story file for your reference. The embedded video plays for what seems like decades, but the slides timeline is only 20 seconds long and the layers are 3 seconds. With 2 buttons, I pause teh main timeline and with one I let it continue.

I hope this helps you to understand your options better.

Best Regards,

Dennis Hall

Dennis Hall

Hi Ankit:

Click the player button in the ribbon, then in the Player dialogue you will see colors and styles, once in that panel, there is a link under the current color scheme. Click the link to customize everything via the drop down button that will display.

Hope this helps.

Best Regards,

Dennis Hall