synced videos not running on ipad

We took two videos:  1 is a presenter speaking and the other is a timed screen capture of a powerpoint presentation.  We synced them to run together.  To ensure they run together, we took the video controls off.  When the user clicks on the slide both videos are set to play at the same time.  The user only has the option to "Pause", "Restart" and "Exit".  It works perfectly in explorer, safari on a Mac, Chrome, etc.  On the ipad, the videos are frozen and look like they started to try to work but don't.

Any help is appreciated.


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Jeff Forrer

Hello.  I believe I have been doing what you are successfully on the iPad.  I am using the Articulate Mobile Player so not sure if that makes a difference?

I have a presenter video and synching text along a timeline, with the controls off as well, and Pause, Restart and Play.  One thing I am doing that seemed to make this work that you did not mention is:  I added a "pause" layer that is blank and set a trigger on my Pause button to show this layer upon clicking the Pause button, and hiding it upon clicking the Play button..  I set the options for this layer to "Pause the timeline of base layer".

I am not sure if that will help you, but this works for me.  Good luck.