Synching PPT Changes for a Project

Greetings.  We import PPTs into Storyline 360 then lay audio over them per slide to produce some simple technical training videos.

When doing this, we can have 30+ to even 40+ slides per course, and at times when we need to edit/modify or make changes in general to the PPT or the audio files, we need an easy way to simply sync with the latest versions of the audio files and the PPT file.  

Is this possible?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Johnny,

The best way to update Storyline content is to import the slides that were changed in PowerPoint directly into the Storyline file. 

Here's an idea: have you thought about using Articulate Review to capture updates instead of PowerPoint? 

In Articulate Review, multiple stakeholders can share their feedback and edits all in one place. 


Once you've gathered all of the stakeholder comments, you can use the feedback tab to make those changes directly in the Storyline file. 


And if there's an audio file that needs to be replaced, you can attach it directly to a slide comment. It's that easy!

Since Articulate Review comes with your subscription, I'd encourage you to give it a try! You might find that it saves you so much time. ☺️